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CJCC Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice

Co-Chair: Judge Hiram Puig-Lugo
Presiding Judge
Family Court
Superior Court of the District of Columbia

Co-Chair: Brenda Donald
Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services


Truancy Taskforce Co-Chairs:

Co-Chair:  Jennifer C. Niles, Deputy Mayor for Education

Co-Chair:  Brenda Donald, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services

The Truancy Taskforce is charged with developing and implementing initiatives to reduce truancy and promote school attendance in the District. The Taskforce is comprised of education, human services, and public safety stakeholders. 

Partnership for Success

JuvenileStat/P4S Stat is a multi-agency involved effort that began in 2010 with the aim of tracking juvenile high risk offenders, absconders/non-compliant offenders, and those under dual supervision (i.e. Department of Youth and Rehabilitative Services, Court Social Services, Court Services and Offender Supervision and/or Pretrial Supervision Agency) for the purpose of identifying trends and addressing systemic issues. 

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI)

Co-Chair:  Vonda Frayer,

Supervisory Probation Officer Juvenile Intake Services and Delinquency, Prevention Branch, D.C. Superior Court – Social Services Division

Co-Chair:  Amanda Petteruti,
Program Analyst, DYRS

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI)

The District of Columbia is part of a nationwide initiative, the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI), to reduce unnecessary detention for youth, without compromising public safety.  The District became a site in 2005, joining over 150 sites, within 32 states, that are currently engaged in the initiative, supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  This data-driven initiative is supported by the juvenile justice stakeholders of the District of Columbia through cross-agency collaboration.

Juvenile Reentry Workgroup

Co-Chair: Dr. Michael Barnes
Acting Deputy Director
Court Social Services Division
District of Columbia Superior Court

Co-Chair:  Marcus Ellis, Safer, Stronger
DC Community Partnerships Manager
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and
Human Services

Juvenile Reentry Workgroup

The Juvenile Reentry Workgroup was established to examine and address the considerable and unique educational, reunification, and employment challenges juveniles face as they return to the community from out-of-home placement.