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CJCC Justice Information System (JUSTIS)

Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) Workgroup 

Purpose: To advise and make recommendations on matters pertaining to the funding, development, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of initiatives related to JUSTIS. 


Lynn Leibovitz, Judge, District of Columbia Superior Court

David Clow, Chief Information Officer, Metropolitan Police Department

The Justice Information System (“JUSTIS”) is the District of Columbia’s designated Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) and is maintained and administered by the CJCC. It is comprised of two main components: the information portal and the system-to-system exchange (aka “data feed”) module. The information portal allows users from authorized agencies to view information from multiple source agencies within a single, secure interface. The data feed module permits agencies to transfer entire data sets to authorized agencies in close to real time continuously throughput the day and night.  JUSTIS serves as a vital tool for enhancing public safety by facilitating various federal and local criminal justice agencies’ ability to share mission critical data quickly, efficiently and securely.

Criminal Justice Information Sharing

A product of the CSOSA/DC Public Safety Radio and Television programming, a segment regarding criminal justice information sharing was taped in November 2014.

This program dealt with state information exchanges regarding offenders on parole and probation and other issues vital to public safety.

Leaders from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia have been working to share information on offenders who move freely across jurisdictional boundaries.  To this end, these four jurisdictions have formed the Mid-Atlantic Regional Information Sharing (MARIS) Consortium to establish a secure inter-state justice information system that  builds upon, leverages and enhances existing state portals and uses proven national standards and tools.  These four jurisdictions, as well as Virginia and New York now exchange arrest information to identify those offenders on parole or probation who are arrested outside of their jurisdiction.

Those interviewed include: Tammy Woodhams, Senior Staff Associate, National Criminal Justice Association; Mannone Butler, Executive Director, DC Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and Ed Parker, Deputy Director of Operations, MD Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.

The program was produced by Bethany Broida, Director of Communications, National Criminal Justice Association.

The website for the National Criminal Justice Association is